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Seller Spotlight on Sketchfab

My seller spotlight has been published on Sketchfab. I love sketchfabs tools to showcase models and for ease of use to vo view a model in real-time and inspect UVs, tetures, polys etc. Its a great pre-vis tool compared to a screenshot and with the addition of VR viewing, Sketchfab really has the edge on real-time 3d model viwing and much more. I have been working a lot on freelance this year and spending time on some of models for Royalty free release, Sketchfab has been a great way to see and bugfix my models in 3d while preparing them for consumer release. My seller spotlight emphasises my style and approach to sci-fi, my experience and a little about the seller side of things. I hope you find this an interesting read and appreciate sketchfab as much as I do for both sides of the field.

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