My name is Shaun Williams. I am from England, United Kingdom.  I have a BA (hons) in games design and my work has been featured and published on a numerous sites and media over the years.  I have published work in games, film, TV, novels and various digital art publications and magazines. I have experience working in Game design and Development, Virtual Reality design and development,  Film and animation, Architectural visualisation, Sci-fi, Concept design & wealth of experience in the Unreal Engines 2, 3 and 4 as a Professional Generalist/Consultant.

I started learning 2d art and 3D modeling in the late 80s on my Commodore Amiga, In the early 90s when the technology was starting to become more mainstream and used for some sci-fi shows and films and over time replaced the old style miniatures used in film.   I have used a variety of software over the decades in 3D and 2D, along with animation and the Unreal Engines 2, 3 and 4. I started on Delux Paint on my old Amiga in the 80s and then 3D apps which started becoming available over time. I came to use tools such as Imagine 3D, Real 3D, Truespace, Auto CAD, Vue, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3Ds Max and many more. Since 2001 I have mainly been using 3ds Max and Maya, as Autodesk is now the industry standard for 3D creation and design.  


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