My name is Shaun Williams. I am from England, United Kingdom.  I have a BA (Hons) in games design.  My work has been featured and published on numerous sites, games, and media over the years.  I have published work in games, film, TV, novels, and various digital art publications and magazines. I have experience working in sci-fi art ant and concept design through to final game/cinematic ready assets.  I have years of experience with game design and Development,


I started learning 2d art and 3D modeling in the late 80s on my Commodore Amiga, In the early 90`s when the technology was starting to emerge and become more mainstream and available to the wider population. Some of my work has been used for some sci-fi shows and films and over time.   I have used a variety of software over the decades in 3D and 2D, along with animation and Unreal Engines 2, 3, and 4. I started on Deluxe Paint on my old Amiga in the '80s and then 3D apps which started becoming available over time. I came to use apps and tools such as Imagine 3D, Real 3D, Truespace, Auto CAD, Vue, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3Ds Max, and many more. Since 2001 I have mainly been using 3ds Max and Maya, as Autodesk is now the industry standard for 3D creation and design and is best suited to my workflow.