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Portfolio of Shaun T. Williams

Welcome to my online portfolio which highlights some of the projects I have worked on over the years.      I have worked freelance since 2018 and have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects ranging from games to Virtual production and animation as a 3d artist and an Unreal engine specialist/generalist.  

80 Level - Metasites Challenge 2024


Challenge Winner - 1st place with 1pm.

Winner of the 2023/2024 metasites - Cloud gaming/cloud experiences challenge hosted by 80 level.

More information about the challenge can be found on the 80 Level website -

Unreal Engine Showcase


Artist /Lead Artist / Unreal Engine Generalist

Featuring some highlights of some of the freelance projects I have worked on over the last couple of years.

3d Artist / unreal Engine Artist


Various feelance projects through 2023

Artificial Rome
Ponder Productions
Teleport Studios
Design Digital
Territory Studio

Unreal Artist
3d Artist / Animation
3d Artist / Environment Artist
3d Artist / Animation
Lead Artist - Virtual production

Working on a variety of projects ranging from Big screen animation to virtual production and branding.



soho House x Porsche - Territory Studio

Virtual Production - No Passengers Episode 3

Lead Artist / Unreal Engine Generalist

Working with Territory Studios to design and produce a virtual production to reflect Nelly`s vision and energy..  Using Unreal Engine 5 for virtual production, I worked with a great small team at Territory Studio to produce something very different and help push the limits of the engine and achieve the right look and feel..


 Virtual Conference - Xpllore

Meta human - VR Conference Demo

Artist & Animation  / Unreal Engine Generalist

Working with Chris at Xpllore to apply facial animation and voice-over onto the metahuman using live link data for facial animation and a custom body animation for a demo to show how board members can interact in a much better and more productively in VR and AR.  



Resident Evil Showcase 2022 - OS Studios

RE Showcase 10-20-22 - Library Environment 

Environment Artist / Unreal Engine Generalist

Working with OS studios to design and make the Library for the Resident evil showcase which was designed and developed in Unreal 5 to have the look and feel of the original Iconic Resident evil games.  The library starts 30 mins (at the start of the vid, then 42 mins, and another at the end.  This was a great opportunity to work on something Resident Evil..

NEOM -  Squint Opera Ltd.

NEOM - Multiverse - Winter Olympics 2028 Saudi Arabia

Environment artist / unreal Engine generalist

Working with Unreal Engine 5 and environment work for the metaverse / 3d real-time version of this mountain range which is being used for the Winter Olympics in 2028.   


Outernet Global


Nasa Experience / Aurora Borealis 

3d Artist / Unreal Engine Developer

Working with unreal engines 4 and 5 with N-display to bring some great visual and unique animated experiences on Big screen wrap-around Screens in the Now Building in London.  My work included modeling custom assets and bringing the environments to life with animation And working with on-site testing to make sure everything looks as it should.





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Chevrolet Amasador

3d Artist / Unreal Engine Developer

Working with a small team to move the project forward with a custom meta human as a virtual avatar with blueprint logic and animation and optimization.  Designed for mobile and desktop use my first experience with pixel streaming was really fun working with a great team.





Various VR Training spaces (unity engine)

Environment Artist ( Low Poly VR )

I have modeled a variety of environments and props for Bodyswaps between 2020 and 2022  which focuses on VR training simulations.  Designing various environments for low poly and unity over the last couple of years with a dedicated small team.

Sci-fi Lab Research Facility Environment Kitbash

Personal project (Available for download!)

Modular Environment Asset Pack

In my spare time, I designed and developed a Sci-fi Lab/research environment kitbash made up of hundreds of low poly PBR models.  These can be used in almost any 3d app to create your own unique scenes/levels.  An unreal engine version is available with a demo map.


Quite Brilliant


Virtual Production Promo

Environment Artist/Unreal Engine Dev

Working with unreal 4 with a variety of environments to show off every aspect of virtual production.  It was great to work with Nick Jones for direction and scene composure and get a variety of scenes ready for virtual production.   

Verizon Media


Virtual Production Promotion

Environment Artist/Unreal Engine Developer

Working with Verizon media for internal promotion for Virtual production.  Testing the limits on Unreal 4 with a quick concept of what can quickly be achieved.  It was great to work with a team of talented people.

Axis Studios

Sackboy (littleBigAdventure) - A big adventure (game Playstation)

Real-time Lighting Artist/Unreal Engine

Working with a great team at Axis Studios and Sumo-Digital I worked on the final lighting for 3 cutscenes which also involved optimation for all platforms.  I learned a lot more about color theory and lighting channel usage.


Realtime UK


Outriders Game (Intro) multiple platforms

3d artist/Animator & Unreal  Developer

Working on-site with a local team was a great experience and worked on quick concepts and feedback to get the intro nailed down between multiple shots and scenes.  Using sequencer, unreal 5, and working the intro up based on regular feedback and updates, it's great to see the final delivery.

Realtime arch-vis


Canadian House Interior Plan (Real Estate)

VR environment modeling from plans

From original plans to 3d modeling and then into unreal engine 4  for VR & real-time to scale.  I worked on a residential building with a main floor and basement and garage.   


Curious Cluster

Virtual Production Promotion

3d Artist / Unreal Engine Developer

Working with a small team to make a variety of unique racing games and characters and get them ready for the back-end crew to tie the last knots.  Creating a variety of cockroach and Robo dog characters was fun along with environments and lighting..

Various Misc Contracts


3d modeling (hard surface) & animation & Game dev

3d Artist, animator and texture artist

Working on a variety of short freelance contracts for game development (unreal engine), animation, 3d modeling, and environment artist.  


Mad About Games Studios


Indie Games (Solo dev) Unreal engines 3, 4 & 5)

Solo developer of 7 games (PC and VR)

After failing to get crowdfunding in 2012 I had the passion and managed to learn enough and work with a great bunch of people on a tiny budget to make my first 2 Unreal Engine 3 games (1 for VR).  Much more learning with Unreal Engine 4 which I developed and published another 4 games.  All games are available on steam -  

3d Spaceship Flyby


3d Artist, animation 

Animation For Big Bang theory (Warner Bros)

I designed and modeled and animated a huge realistic spaceship in 2009 -  the CDF Goliath (Colonial Defence Force) Dreadnought class.  I did a special version for the Big Bang theory (Warner Bros) and the ship was also featured in my CDF universe and Ghostship and Starfighter games.

3d Artist, Tuexture Artist

Various High Quality 3d Assets

After years of modeling and designing my own 3d sci-fi themes assets, I have been thankful and honored to all those who appreciate my work, and even tell me.  In my free time, I will add to my 3d catalog and look forward to seeing where you take them!

2001 - 2022

Various 3d models/assets for props and environments.

Tampa Museum of Science and Industry (

Moonbase Alpha 

3d Artist, 3d Printing


3d modeling and 3d printing for my modular moonbase in the Moonbase Exhibition at the Science & Industry museum in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Previous Work Experience

  • 2008 - 2011 - Preston Uni - BA (Hons) Games Design

  • 2007 - 2008 R and D Retail - Merchandiser, systems operator

  • 2007 - Glenn Porters Haulage - HGV Driver

  • 2007 - DHL - HGV Driver

  • 2007 - 2007 - Kerby Hoovers - Self Employed

  • 2007 - 2007 - Card Factory  -  Cleveleys -  Manager

  • 2006 - 2006 - Subway - Fleetwood  -  Manager

  • 2005 - 2006 - Campus Computing - York University Campus Shop Manager

  • 2003 - 2005 - MAD About Games - Owner & Proprietor

  • 2002 - 2003 - FX Interactive - Owner Proprietor

  • 2001 - 2002 - Club Max UK / Premier cuisine - Artist / DTP

  • 1997 - 2001 - British Amry - Royal Artillery

  • 1997 - 1997 - Royal Bank Of Scotland: Blackpool  - Account clerk

  • 1996 - 1997 - BT Syncordia: Helpdesk and on-site network engineer

  • 1996 - 1996 - Gledd Hill Water Systems - Metal Worker

  • 1995 - 1996 -  Working In Spain (Rep/Various)

  • 1994 - 1995 - Clifton Casino - Croupier

  • 1993 - 1994 - Graphic Designer - Clear Picture - Temp

  • 1993 - 1993 - B & M Bargains - Shelf Stacker

  • 1992 - 1993 - Dixons - Shop Assistant

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