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Retro Sci-fi Modular Environment Kitbash

Originally launched in unreal a few months back, I have added another 60 pieces to bring the kit-bash to 215 unique modular pieces you can use to construct an awesome sci-fi environment in almost any 3d application.

The expansive low poly and highly detailed PBR pieces can be used to construct entire game levels or high-quality scenes of a sci-fi and futuristic nature.

These pieces can be viewed in greater detail on @Sketchfab -

Retro Styled Sci-fi Interior Kitbash with a theme of late 80`s vision of the 22nd Century. Ideal for spaceships, space stations, and bases, the modular pieces have a used and worn look and feel. With 215 PBR asset piece, this pack can be used to build a detailed cinematic scene or full game levels and VR.

This is a high-quality low poly PBR environment pack, this pack can also be used for lower poly requirements such as games and real-time use. An unreal video shows how this can be used in a low poly real-time engine.

Vertex Count: Lowest - 4 Highest - 4848

Number of Meshes: 215

This pack is now available for almost any 3d app and engine in my stores as listed on my store page. Have fun and I would love to see what you create with my kitbash.

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